Worldwide Security & Investigation specialising in Africa & France

You shouldn't overestimate the I.Q. of crooks

Who are we ?

Mike Warburton & Graham Dooley are Multi-lingual British former UK Detectives and now Investigatory & Security Consultants specialising in Risk Assessment.

Mike has extensive experience of security and intelligence issues in Europe and Africa, specialising in France and West Africa.. Skills include developing international relationships and mentoring team members to achieve high standards. Wide-ranging network of contacts in government and private security sectors. He is a member of CII, INTELLENET.& X Police International and qualified to NVQ level 3 Investigation award.

Graham has been a Licensed Private Investigator in France since 1996 and is a fellow of the Institute of Paralegals. He holds a French Diploma ( equivalent to UK Degree). He is a member of WAPI, CII, CNSP-ARP and INTELLENET.

The partnership is a reaction to the ever-changing world of global security and investigations. They believe such a combination of knowledge, skills and attributes, will make them a formidable force to clients who expect the ultimate in professionalism, experience and confidentiality. One of their ground rules is that they will travel to any location to meet the client subject to certain conditions . They will meet and discuss the assignment in complete confidentiality.

We need to make sure our clients are who they say they are, that their motives are legally based and that they have a right to know what they are asking us to learn for them.  Having this standard can only improve our profession.